Some people are really crazy about tattoos. After getting one tattoo, they are already planning the next one. And when the whole body is full of tattoos, they remove hair and make one right on the head. I’ve collected the most unusual, strangest and craziest tattoos. Take a look.

10. American Patriot Head Tattoo

american-patriot-tattoo(Image via: HeadOvMetal)

9. Little Girl Head Tattoo


(Image via: Needled)

8. Jesus Head Tattoo

(Image via: Travelling Broke And Ugly)

7. Head Skull Tattoo

(Image via: HeadOvMetal)

6. Strange Tattoo on Woman’s Head


(Image via: benjaminbutty)

What are these things?..

5. Bees and Honeycomb Tattoo

(Image via: HeadOvMetal)

4. Angry Man Back of Head Tattoo

(Image via: Quinacridone)

3. Bacon and Eggs Head Tattoo


(Image via: HeadOvMetal)

2. Funny Tattoo on Bald Man’s Head

(Image via: sirwiseowl)

1. Face with Moustaches on Back of Head


(Image via: Mickaul)

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Head Tattoos

  1. Hi, my name is Erica and I am under thirty. My man wants to shave my head and tattoo it all over.
    Maybe I am crazy, but I likw the idea. That doesn’t mean that I am not reluctant to have it done.
    Any comments? Positive or negative, all ate welcome.

  2. The Tatoo of the man pushing the Lawn Mower on his his head can you get thatin tempory Tatoo?
    I want to get on my Pastor’s nerves.

  3. I think number 2 is hilarious, but the rest are a bit scary! What is number 6 all about?? It must hurt like hell to get a tattoo done on your head!

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