“Time is money” people say. What does show time at your home? I guess none of these cool and unusual clocks. Look into clocks from the different point of view. Here is the list of weirdest and coolestl clocks that could be the most impressive element of every interior.

10. Dali Clock


(Image via: mocoloco.com)

The clock inspired by Salvador Dali.

9. Retro Flip Down Clock


(Image via: chinavasion.com)

This retro style clock has an impressive design. Retro Flip Down Clock will accurately tell the time all day long. Every 60 seconds and hour, the time will flip down automatically without any need for winding or adjusting.

8. Digimech Clock


(Image via: dshott.co.uk)

Another parts of numbers are printed on vertical sliders and only reveal themselves when shifted into perfect alignment with the display box. When they are not aligned they look like some kind of random forms.

7. Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock


(Image via: dshott.co.uk)

Do you like movies? When this clock is just for you. Looking and acting exactly like a director digital slate, this cool looking desktop accessory displays the date, and the time all the way down to deci-seconds.

6. Math Clock (Pi Clock)


(Image via: Laughing Easy)

“It’s about Pi/2 past 2Pi/3…”

5. Rat Race Clock


(Image via: Newlaunches.com)

Don’t you have pet at home? It’s not the problem. Now you can have two in one: mechanical rat and clock. Every minute rat scurries on treadmill to move hour and minute hands. The clock is powered by 4D and two AA batteries.

4. One Hour Circle


(Image via: pcmag.com)

Unusual clock that draws straight on the wall. The clock moves its arm each minute to draw a full circle around itself once an hour has passed. If you want your walls stay clean better hang it on the big sheet of paper.

3. The Rim Clock



(Images via: technabob.com)

Minimalist and distinctive clock designed by Jansen Lye. This clock is actually protrusions that go around the outside and point to the wall. It’s beautiful and innovative but you won’t be able to tell the exact time, unless you write numbers on the wall.

2. Timesphere Wall Clock


(Image via: amazon.com)

Another minimalist design clock. A seemingly-gravity defying red ball travels around the clock to mark the time and creates an eye-catching illusion.

1. Timebeam Projection Clock


(Image via: pcmag.com)

Probably the coolest clock in the world.  It is a small projector that shines a clock six inches in diameter against the wall. Best seen in the darkness.

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