banned-commercial Are you the fan of funny and sexy commercials? When this Top 10 is just for you. collected the funniest banned commercials you won’t see on TV. (Thanks God we have internet.)  Can’t wait? Start with No. 10 – funny banned commercial from Lexmark.

10. Funny Banned Lexmark Commercial

9. Banned Heineken Commercial with Jennifer Aniston

8. Funny Banned 7up Commercial

7. Sexy Banned Microsoft Office XP Commercial

6. Three Banned IKEA Commercials: Tidy Up

5. Very Sexy Banned New Yorker Underwear Commercial

4. Banned Condoms Commercial: I want those sweeties!

3. Sexy Banned Casio Exilim Commercial: Too Much Detail

2. Banned Condoms Commercial: Chewing Gum

1. Sexy Banned Axe Commercial

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