Do you like optical illusions? And what about advertising? If you like them both then you are just in the right place. Recently I’ve collected ten best advertisements which use circling optical illusions. Some illusions are really old and widely used but I was amazed about how they were adjusted for specific brands. Take a deeper look of each of advertisements because some of them require more time to be revealed.

10. Nivea Hair Care

Nivea-Hair-Care (Image credits: coloribus)

Nivea wants to show how vital would be your hair after using this shampoo.

8. Traffic police of Mumbai: This is that happens when u drink & drive


(Image credits: coloribus)

So better don’t drink and drive – smoke and fly.

7. Audi Quattro Cup 2009: Optical

(Image credits: adsoftheworld)

“Engaging drives. Audi Quattro Cup 2009.” Probably you can see such picture when your speed reaches 200 MPH…

6. Witness spin of your money

(Image credits:

They think they can spin your money.

5. Grass Roots Hemp Store: Trippin’


(Image credits: adsoftheworld)

Are you dizzy or something? I hope you won’t smoke weed anymore:) Another great ad from Canada.

4. GP 2200: Non-stop power

(Image credits: coloribus)

Similar to Duracell print, but a lot more creative.

3. A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous): Red and Blue



(Image credits: coloribus)

Note in the center of these two prints: “If this is common to you, look for A. A.”

2. Tribuna de Minas: 22 March, World Water Day

(Image credits: adsoftheworld)

It looks like the “H2Os” are moving, like water. Great advertisement for celebrating World Water Day.

1. Sony Bravia: Colors Become Alive



(Image credits: ibelieveinadv)

Three smart advertisements for the Sony Bravia TV. Sony Marketing Department wants to tell you that colors become alive. And they really do!

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