Usually after buying some stuff you get a bag with logo of the store on it. But some companies understood that there is a better and more effective way for advertising. They designed bags in completely different way. With some knowledge of Guerilla marketing they got amazing results. I encourage you to see 10 most creative shopping bags that could be found on internet.

10. Clothes in Closets: Knuckle Bag

knuckle-shopping-bag (Image credits:

The prices are so low that you will need this knuckle for fighting with other customers.

9. Magic-i: Floating Bag


(Image credits:

It’s not very comfortable but looks very good.

8. Donation Bag for “Die Arche Berlin”

(Image credits:

Girl asking for help just inside your bag.

7. Condomi Erotic Shopping Bag

(Image credits:

People are walking around and holding their crotch…

6. Red Cross Shopping Bag


(Image credits:

Carrying a bag of your own blood. The bag was created by advertising agency Lem, Shanghai, China.

5. Child Adoption Campaign Shopping Bag

(Image credits:

Looks like you are carrying a baby.

4. Shopping Bag: Samsung TV

(Image credits:

Very realistic TV set advertisement.

3. Wheaties Shopping Bag


(Image credits:

This bag inspires you to get in shape.

2. Fitness Company Shopping Bag

(Image credits:

Strong enough?

1. Shumensko: Beer Case


(Image credits:

It’s a paper bag for a Bulgarian beer called ‘Shumensko’. Very creative.

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