Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by International Living. Enjoy.

Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by  International Living. Enjoy.

10. Italy

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 85, economy – 63, environment – 74, freedom – 92, health – 90, infrastructure – 62, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

9. Canada


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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 69, environment – 62, freedom – 100, health – 84, infrastructure – 85, risk & safety – 100, climate – 69).

8. Belgium

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 83, economy – 66, environment – 64, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 86).

7. United States

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 79, economy – 67, environment – 62, freedom – 92, health – 78, infrastructure – 100, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

6. Luxembourg


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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 44, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 85, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 66, risk & safety – 100, climate – 83).

5. New Zealand

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Final score – 79 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 65, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 70, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

4. Germany

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 54, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 83, freedom – 100, health – 89, infrastructure – 90, risk & safety – 100, climate – 79).

3. Switzerland


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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 86, economy – 79, environment – 78, freedom – 100, health – 95, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 77).

2. Australia

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 76, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

1. Best country to live – France


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Final score – 82 (cost of living – 55, leisure & culture – 81, economy – 69, environment – 72, freedom – 100, health – 100, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

The rest of the list is here.

251 thoughts on “10 Best Countries to Live in 2010

  1. I am from India. But sorry to say- it is a nonsense place full of corruption, pollution and criminal minded people.

    cost of living – 95, leisure & culture – 20, economy – 0, environment – 10, freedom – 50, health – 10, infrastructure – 10, risk & safety – 0, climate – 10

    Now tell us the final score.

  2. Each country has it’s own merits and each country has it’s own unique culture.

    We have basically two categories of world countries they are developed which is the western countries, europe, uk, australia, new zealand and canada. We have the developing countries like india, pakistan, asia etc.

    Australia is one of the best countries to live in with a small population, a very high standard and quality of life, plenty of wide open spaces and a strong economy. Australia has great wealth with natural resources and mining as well as agriculture and farming. The cost of living there is quite reasonable for a developed western country. The life expectancy is very good

    New Zealand, Canada are also excellent countries and the Scandanavian countries are also excellent.

    The USA is in a deep economic recession with many unemployed people and a very high crime rate with very high homicide/ murder rates.

    On a geographical perspective rural America is nice on the eye with beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, meadows, old barns, small towns etc In contrast the big cities are over crowded, with air pollution and way too much crime, gangs and drugs.

    The UK is very good especially the South West which is mostly rural with a small population and a low crime rate. For old history , old historic buildings and old world charm and atmosphere then the UK is 10/10. The cost of living there is cheaper these days as they are member of the eu.

    As a rule of thumb regardless where you live in the world if possible live rural or in a small rural town away from the big cities if you want to live a better quality of life and a safer, healthier and happy life out of the fast lane.

    1. I’m scandinavian, and I believe that I live in a country with good salary and good a good health care system. When that is said I just wanna say that no countries in the world are exelent. Norway is good, but as everywhere else there are crime and drug addiction and coruption here also. And when it comes to safety Norway is not a very safe country compared to many other europeian countries that are even more poor than Norway. Norway is one of the heavyest drinking countries in Europe, and also we score high on street criminality. Personally I would not live anywhere else, of course I wish that I lived in a more peaceful and less corupt county, but still I like it here, I have stabil job, good family and good friends. Even the police and goverment are not that corrupt in Norway many otheres are, like buisness and some others. I don’t say we are worst on this topic, but still we score very high globally

    2. I think you are right and most countries have good and bad points and your account of them is quite accurate. I live in the UK but have also lived in USA for a few years. You have a great sense of freedom living in the states and it really is the land of the free and I found most people there to be friendly and welcoming with a genuine interest in other cultures. Of course, there were a few exceptions but that’s the same anywhere. Despite that, I feel safer living in the UK than I did in the states because over here when the chips are down you can always get help of some form whereas in the states for the most part you are on your own. When the going is good (Job, home, friends, family) life is REALLY good but if things get difficult it can be catastrophic. I met people there who lost everything due to illness or due to family dying…and not just one or two people. I also found that I barely had time away from work to be with people I cared about or to go off exploring. That’s why the main holidays are so important to people living there. For some it’s the only few days they get to go and see friends and family.

      As for the UK it is has beautiful countryside and a rich history and is a very interesting place to visit. We get a decent holiday break from work too so we can travel. One of the most important things is that we don’t have to worry too much if we get sick (depending on the illness obviously) However, it is VERY expensive here. Most wages are pretty low and the cost of living is high and probably the most annoying thing is that it’s very difficult to improve your situation. The more you earn the more the government takes off you so you always seem to be stuck at the same level. Also, the government is very quick to take from you but doesn’t seem interested in giving back. Whilst traveling abroad I have noticed how much better other countries provide for their people. Nicer places, cleaner streets, more entertainment, better food, better transport systems and all at a much more reasonable price. We deserve our reputation as “Rip off Britain”

      We all have romanticist views of what we think other countries are like for instance Canada, Japan, France and Sweden are fascinating to me and I would move to any one of them in a heartbeat but i’m sure they have their problems too.

      I just wish we all got along better than we do because there are some wonderful people in some wonderful countries. In Paris I was on a cruise on the river Seine and there were people from all over the world on the same boat. Towards the end of the tour a group of Chinese people started to sing as we approached the Eiffel tower. People began to join in and eventually most of us were singing and laughing together. It’s a moment I will never forget. Good luck to you all wherever you may live !

  3. I have been in America the whole duration of my life. I will not be like most of the others who commented on here who are from the States, and say it’s a great country. It isn’t. We are a horrible people with horrible corrupted government, in a place where most others only think of themselves and moving up in the country that favors people being low. It wishes to help the rich and ignore the poor. We are kept under-educated in the public schools because the schools wish to only let their students pass the state testings so the schools could keep running without more of a government invasion upon what should be in the curriculum. Our president wishes to go against our constitution of rights, believing he is above all. As for the war… we are patriotic, and proud of our military. I am of age 21, soon to be 22, and I am a military wife. I would be proud to fight for the country if necessary because originally, we faught to be free. Now, we do not fight for freedom, we fight in the name of gaining more power, and resources, because we don’t know how to harvest energy correctly. We, from the last I heard, are not signing the document that confirms that we will try to cut our energy use back, because we are quite spoiled. We, upon the chance to make our country better as it is in the middle of a worsening recession, chose to use the same president that had made our country go further down hill. Do you want to know the reasoning? We gave our previous president eight years to put it into a bad state, so why not give the other president eight years to fix it? The thing is? He’s been making it exponentially worse since day one. The voting was all rigged, manipulated, I’m sure, by the Government. We have a welfare system to help those who are unemployed, by which the number increases, and rather than we using it when needed, a lot of us tend to use it as an alternative to work, because a lot of us prefer to just receive what we want without earning it. As the Government lies to us, we lie to them. We are the victims of our own ignorance, greed, laziness and vanity. I will be the first to admit this.
    As for our spending our money on our military… there is nothing wrong with that. It would mean a well-maintained defense, and, if necessary, offense. It means jobs. It means a show of patriotism. It means that we can be who we are freely, in most cases. We are not against racism. We do have our views that immigration (illegal) should be stopped. Our primary foods are hardly worth consumption if one would like to stay healthy, our healthcare is not cheap, and a lot of us are closed-minded people when it comes to others’ political and religious views. The northern states dislike the southern, and the southern dislike the northern.
    I will say this however, I sincerely feel quite responible for WWII. We tried to not be agressive, we tried to stay out of it. When we don’t, we are considered aggressive, power-hungry, and what have you. However, for WWII, we should have entered the war sooner. We are damned if we go in, we are damned if we stay out. Many other countries blame us for their issues, or laugh at us when there are counties worse off than we are. I can say that I am not proud of all of our country did, for we did many negative, immoral things. We have many things however, that we did well. If our government wasn’t corrupted and greedy, the actual system would work. We have a good system. If our president would actually help the country rather than go in for vacations to put us further in debt, we would be better off currently. If we focused more on the environment, we would have cleaner energy and air, and even better food. I am proud of our military. I am not proud at how our country treats them, however. There are some cities have kind, caring people who love their land, and help their own. There are cities that chase people out due to their ignorance and closed-mindedness. One cannot determine as to how all of the country is, without having lived in every state, for each has different ways of running the way they work. Each city is different in it’s own. In general, one could look at the country and easily say the pace genuinely sucks. If one actually looked at the fundimentals, and each part of the country individually, you would see that all in all, there are a few well-governed cities that would be beneficial to people.
    My husband and I wish to move to another country, however, choosing is quite the difficult part.

  4. America is one of the best country in the world because it has freedom to express it self and is a loving and careing country. Drive out muslims the dirtyest people in this world and America will be the only country to live in this world. I will call it a hevan on the earth.


  5. I can’t see Norway on this list. I think Norway is one of the 10 best countries to live in WHEN IT COMES TO ECONOMY, BUT, I can understand why its not on the list of the 10 best countries to live in. There are many people that have a very bad mentality, and only thinking about money and drinking alcohol, many norwegians are extreme party lovers, and alcoholics. The suicide rate is very high. Its not a very safe country, its ALOT of criminality, I have been talking with many people from other countries, and they consitering to move back to their peaceful homelands (thouse forengers that comes from peaceful coutries), because they don’t feel safe enogh here. I am from Norway, and I will always live here, but I am many times ashamed over the arrogance that many people have here, and also I think its sad that I live in a country where most places in the country, its not safe to walk outside alone in the evening (not even in villages and small towns). People overseas think that Norway are safe and peaceful, I wish this was the reality :'(

  6. The usa has become a laughing stock of the world…it thinks its better then everyone in reality its not…our goverment only really cares bout its office and trying to look good..they give theirselves raises and barely raise min. wage…they sell jobs to other countries..which isnt bad but it puts more people out of work here and letting people come over without a green card and not doin anything about it..letting them take our welfare they get 1000s of dollars in food stamps and money….when they wasnt born here…we americans dont get it..i understand helpng them but how can u help someone with alot of money and cant help out your own people makes no since…honestly i want to leave the usa and have the true meaning of work hard for what u have instead of goin to the store and getting food and being a spoiled brat…cause thats what we are

  7. What is it with all the crap,idiotic comments that some people leave here,what i would like to know is which countries is the best in terms of low crime rate,fairly reasonably priced property,reasonably good education for kids,good healthcare etc, also how difficult it is to get a residence visa and if it is at all possible for expats to buy property in said countries…any other useful info,from people that have actually travelled there would also help….

  8. I think Scotland is the best place in the world to live, you get a great income and only have to give 60% to the government . You also don’t have to wait much more than two weeks to see a doctor, and as long as you where not born here you will have no problem getting unemployment benefit and best of all we have our own parliament with a great new building in Edinburgh that cost a mere £530 million.
    Also come 2014 our great government is having a referendum for Scottish independence . Not bad for a country the size of a postage stamp. I look forward to the future here in sunny Scotland.

    Mind you they say poverty is good for the soul LOL

  9. every human says his country is best. because if he says other country is best , police will beat him,but indian only saying other country is best even police is not beating. because polices know indians… always speaks like this .. but anything happens for india he only take response first this indian. so we should accept other country best but india is very best for me and us .

  10. Norway is probably the best one because:

    Norway has a incredibly low suicidal rate,

    its one of the richest countries (per capita)

    Norway has low pollution (due to small industrial areas outside the town, and not inside, plus Norway has the greatest amount of electric cars, per person)

    if you for example get injured from a car accident the country will pay all taxes, unlike USA, where you can risk to not get any treatment if your broke, or poor, same with other accidents as well, so if you house burns down or thieves steal from your house, the county pays all of the taxes,

    Its almost free of prejudice and racism

    While most of the European economy is falling apart Norway keeps a straight course upwards

    Norway has an arrangement called NAV, which literally gives you free money if you are experiencing economical problems or if you are poor.

    There are nice people there as well as a beautiful landscape

    other than that its thousands of other pros about Norway and im from USA, but ive been to Norway twice, and out of the 40 countries ive been to Norway is the best

  11. According to official survey, it says 4th best place to live and work in is Singapore…. Some country in Asia i think

  12. the truth is all the countries in the world is useless countries exseption Australia,New zeland,india,denmark,sweden,finland,germany and usa world worst countries 1 place is somalia

  13. Nima you are totally wrong The US is the most free state of them all and were number one in athletics also # 4 in intelligence.

  14. Ok Frances economy has already crashed. I am 13 and the United States is the best country because its a free country.

    1. you are only 13, thats why im not going to absolutely rip you up over how that makes NO sense. how can the american economy be the best? because the usa is about 16 trillion in debt? thats this much, $16,000,000,000,000 and if this was to be repaid by the citizens it would work out at $50,800 per person!!!, just to be debt free!!, free country??? i wouldn’t say so.

  15. Hello! i dont live in norwag i”m not from there but norwag is the best people respect other people and respect religions i’m muslim but norway give me more chance of my cuntry From here I say hello for norwigian peoples

  16. Thetruth apparently has never lived in the USA. I have lived in Europe and as much as I enjoyed my time there you could never make any money. They have laws on how much you can work and there is nothing called Overtime laws so you can make more money if you wanted to. Europeans are the laziest of all in the world. Americans work harder then anyone since we do not get gov’t approved by law 6 weeks vacation and about 50 holidays a year off like some european countries. Now, When I lived and worked in germany I loved it so much I still visit friends and they visit me on a rotating basis. Each country has its benefits. And, believe me it was nice having so much time off but I get that much time off now through my company. Not because the law says I have to. If I had money just to waste I would live in Germany for 6 months a year and thenlive in the USA for 6 months of the year but since that is not possible my financial goals would be better accomplished working and living in the U.S.

  17. Having traveled much in my day, I would say the best country to live by far is the United States. To TillTheEnd, the money you say that your government “wastes” on things like aircraft puts forth research so we can enjoy affordable products from new engineering and factory technique. The United States is one of the few countries that did their government right, by giving citizens equal firepower to abolish an abusive government. My advise to Americans is to fight for your right to bear arms, and hopefully other countries will follow in your footsteps.

  18. i think this list should be different for all individuals depending on the type of person they are

  19. Is it really big deal for us to be on top? The best country is where you find true happiness and satisfaction., I believe that you can find it in your own place. So, no matter what they say, believe that your own place is one of the best countries.

  20. america has to be number 1 ! also our freedom is 100 , not 92 ! and our health is 100 too , not 78 ! everything else is correct though . but if you do the math it adds up to around 85 which puts it in first !

    1. wouldn’t say your health is 100, if your in an accident and need surgery , who pays for it?, you do or the health insurance that you have to get. here in new Zealand , surgery is free, doctors cost next to nothing, 90% of medication is subsidised and only ends up costing $3 on all subsidised meds. basically if there is any health issue, you can receive help no matter how poor you are. after all this i still wouldn’t give my country a 100.

  21. Hi, I’m American. I believe my country is alright. I’m going to school right now to become a geological engineer and really want to move to Australia sometime in the future. It’s a beautiful country and I’m a very laid back person so it would be great for me. I guess what I’m getting at is that is it a good place for a geological engineer to find a job?

  22. Yes , this is a complete top . I think for me cost of leving an climate are the esential issues and I think New Zealland have this skills..
    We have to look for the nations builts on the trought values, religious , freedom , nature and environement and I think the New Zelland is one of this kind of nations. Nobody goes there for monney. All NZ imigrants look for nature, peacefull environement, no stress , and good lifestyle

    About America , try too see America thru an outsider eyes. The advertising and TV shows are the americans principals values..
    Democracy and freedom is just fake ideals.
    The America is just another financial dictatorship.
    The power is not in the people hands . The power belong to the big bankers and financial trusts. They manipulate and controls evrything whith mass media and advertising. The advertising industry is about how to find the best ways to lie the consumers.. The ellectoral campains are fake advertising too..There is no truth in its..
    A presidend said , we try harder to become a consumers nation..not engineer, not doctors , just consummers. You don’t have to have brain for this…

    Yes I apreciate the americans people becouse they work hard and they are motivated by ideals , but I’m not agree that the government takes care about people , they just use the people for the financial trusts purposes…Themselves serve for the financial trusts purposes

    The Europe thry harder to be the Americas equal .

    So we have to look for the nations builts on the trought values

  23. hey guys! its Ayaan …that guy has alot of time 2 type all for such a ….i am a pakistani and i know that what an inflation is …what is the importance of freedom,security and of human rights…i have been using internet from my 5th standard and its very much for these people…i dont have time 2 type all but i would say that if u wanna live a good life as my experience says…every that country is good which have these

    1.freedom education
    3. free medical
    5.low crome rate

    if u wanna contact me u can contact me on my id


  24. the guy above does sound like a typicall yank. They start wars , currently still in wars and ask other countries to help em in wars. lol

  25. I totally agree with TillTheEnd. You americans, you live an illusion. You’re not capable to distinguish truth from fiction. Television taught you that someday you’ll all be millionaires, movie gods and rock stars, but you won’t. You consider education insignificant, and you’re going to pay dearly for this … soon enough.

  26. WOW! I’m impressed ‘TillTheEnd’! Where are you from anyways? I am an American and just like most, I grew up being told that America was the best! It wasn’t until I was about 17 (I’m 22 now) that I started doing my own research and learning through friends that I realized our country is beyond fake!!!!! Since my personal growth, I have changed my political AND religious status! Just recently, my boyfriend and I started talking about the possibility of moving out of the US to get away from the fast approaching economic crash our country is headed towards. Any suggestions?

  27. Dbone what on earth are you talking about? Pure freedom? For the USA? The US Government takes care of us all? If you knew “anything” about the US government you would know that if they really “helped” their people, they wouldn’t have spent *Billions of dollars* of people’s money to make aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbird (Which hasn’t been in use or production for over 40 years now!) and the Aurora project (which we don’t know if it’s being used today or not.) Each Black bird was about 30+ Million to make. This is the 1950’s-1970’s were talking about. The whole “Sr-71 project” was worth billions. I don’t know if you know this, but Millions of people around the world see the U.S.A. to be a “evolved Germany,” it’s 100% noticeable that they want “Power over everything” Nuclear power, technology and weapons advancement. It’s written all over the internet and has been noted by Military personnel, that some military will find, and Kill whoever tried “telling the world” of something that was supposed to be kept quiet,…right. I fail to see how you said ” Only in america we truly say the US government takes care of us all ” when in fact, it was the U.S.A. Government that got* themselves in so much debt. (Example, making Secret Aircraft, Nuclear Power/Bombs, Hyper and super sonic travelling weapons aircraft, that’s just a few, I’d list more but you’d think them to be impossible or unearthly.) I can 100% Guarantee to you, if you Americans hadn’t tried to be the most dominate with weapons and military, then you wouldn’t have been in such a…low state that you guys are in now. Russia and Asia Do not, like the USA, and truthfully Russia and Asia (being alliances) have both nuclear power, in the description of world war 3* u see the “nuclear holocaust.” If Russia and Asia were ever to attack the USA that country would literally not stand a chance. The only chance they would have is if the US Unexpectedly attacked those 2 first, and** anywhere U find WORLD WAR 3 it’s also noted that the USA would be a part of it, HUH, big shock there, That being said, it is “obviously clear to see that if the USA hadn’t done, certain things***** or reacted in such ways** in the past 2 world wars, things would have been different today, and probably for the better. For the countries part. . The government keeps so many secrets from it’s people it’s stupefying. If you could actually know what** things their government keeps from it’s people, I would make the assumption “Millions” of its people would move, or leave the countries premises. So before you start stating all this non-sense against one of the MOST AGGRESSIVE countries in the world, being Great awesome and caring to it’s people, Search your facts. It’s obvious the government doesn’t want people to know about things “Like aliens” for example. Your an American, so I’d have to obviously have the assumption that you know that it was your people first on the MOON back in the 60s right? It’s 2012, we have car’s that can park themselves, planes that can fly at speeds over 3500 (and some secret up to 30,000 MPH +) we have undersea travelling tunnels, and we have the technology to fly aircraft around moons and planets in our solar system, so then ultimately the question arises, if the USA wanted to prove to the world they could be first on the MOON, why on earth* have they not gone back? The first step on the moon was 02:56 UTC on 21 July 1969 by the famous Neil Armstrong, it’s 2012. Do the math. So the US haven’t been to the moon for 43 years WHY? That’s the question you should be asking when doubting all this ALIEN “nonsense.” Either way your government is the least trustworthy in the world.

  28. For pure freedom and the ability to have your back watched, America, is number one. It’s a land were no matter what your race and religion are, as long as you are causing the wheels to turn and are paying your taxes, you have the right to do what you wish. Heck, even if you are a lazy bastard(based on the gene passed on by the male) or on Welfare(Based on the educational attributes of a Family) you can live life with no worries. Many other countries on this list are wonderful, many are much better overall than America but, we are the only country in the World, that offers Pond Scum(those who produce children with little regard of who the Father may be)the same rights as the rich(those who make Millions by using the Uneducated in their experiments) and their destructive ways. Only in America, can we truly say: The US Government takes care of us all! Have a Safe and Productive Day! Dbone.

  29. Norway is has best quality of life and extremely good healthcare and education system Norway is 1 btw I’m an American so I’m not supporting my country because I’m Norwegian

  30. I will tell you all something:
    America- Your a fat lazy country but thank you for helping England with the war, oh and thanks for leaving Iraq the other day? Cheers guys.

    England- Your slagged off like mad by people who dont live here and people who do. Sorry love xd

  31. sorry
    this ranking is wrong , i am from austria but idont say austria is one. really ranking is this
    1. finland
    5.australia zealand

  32. I agree, France is not #1. You should come to Norway, it’s beautiful down here. I don’t think USA should be #1, but it’s definitely in top 10. Majority of European countries are overrun by filthy Muslims and gypsies, and euro-zone is on the fast track to collapse. Europeans got lazy and stupid.

  33. France Sucks

    Have I said lately how much France sucks? It’s a country of lazy, smelly, cowardly, backstabbers.

    What has France done for US?

    1. Helped us in the Revolutionary War.

    2. Gave us the Statue of Liberty.

    I know this because every time I write a French bashing post some asshole French person points this shit out to me as if I didn’t know it. I know it assholes. You have done exactly two things for us: Gave us support when we were fighting one of your enemies and built us a fucking statue. BFD!

    What have we done for France?

    1. Helped win WWI.

    2. Won WWII and freed them from the Germans. They could have stopped Hitler earlier but were pussies and thought appeasement would work, just like they think that appeasing terrorists works. Their stupid Maginot Line was about as effective as their aircraft carrier that never leaves port. We have those too. We call them airports.

    3. Rebuilt their country after WWII with American tax money. That is money we never saw again.

    4. Protected them in the Cold War. They provided no military support and no bases. They contributed no money or troops for their own protection.

    5. Saved the French wine industry when the vinyards were being ravished with Phylloxera by sending them grape vine cuttings from Missouri that were resistant. See link.

    The gratitude of French grape growers was so great that they erected two monuments in the city of Montpelier in the south of France, honoring the Missouri grape growers who were credited with saving the French wine industry.

    How soon they forget.

    Looks like we’ve done more for them than they have for us.

    When Reagan was president, they would not give us overflight privileges when we bombed Libya thus forcing us to extend the flights and perform midair refueling.

    They actively opposed us in the runup to the Iraq War.

    Someday, when France is once again in trouble, they’ll come asking for our assistance and we’ll be stupid enough to give it to them. Y’see we can be counted upon to help other nations. France can be counted upon to stab their friends in the back.

    We just fought two wars to free over 50 million people. What has France done for the world lately?


    As usual.

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