Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by International Living. Enjoy.

Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by  International Living. Enjoy.

10. Italy

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 85, economy – 63, environment – 74, freedom – 92, health – 90, infrastructure – 62, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

9. Canada


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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 69, environment – 62, freedom – 100, health – 84, infrastructure – 85, risk & safety – 100, climate – 69).

8. Belgium

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 83, economy – 66, environment – 64, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 86).

7. United States

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 79, economy – 67, environment – 62, freedom – 92, health – 78, infrastructure – 100, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

6. Luxembourg


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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 44, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 85, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 66, risk & safety – 100, climate – 83).

5. New Zealand

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Final score – 79 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 65, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 70, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

4. Germany

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 54, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 83, freedom – 100, health – 89, infrastructure – 90, risk & safety – 100, climate – 79).

3. Switzerland


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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 86, economy – 79, environment – 78, freedom – 100, health – 95, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 77).

2. Australia

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 76, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

1. Best country to live – France


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Final score – 82 (cost of living – 55, leisure & culture – 81, economy – 69, environment – 72, freedom – 100, health – 100, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

The rest of the list is here.

251 thoughts on “10 Best Countries to Live in 2010

  1. I agree that usa should not be on this list. TOO MUCH STRESS!!! high cost of living, too many legal issues to deal with, people make enough money to bring food to the table but healthcare is unaffordable, jobs are inhuman and people are just unhappy. Is just not worth it.

  2. Nooooo!!! Europeans didn’t discover anything the Indians were already in America hince the word NATIVE Americans…Europeans stole their land…but to the question i would have to say Canada is the best…the US is corrupt…

  3. number 1 : France?
    Yes, before the 1990’s. now? ISLAM ISLAM ISLAM ISLAM
    JIHAD JIHAD JIHAD JIHAD. All the countries you see are ruined by islam and islamists. People, Wake up!

  4. Clearly, the U.S. used to be #1 on this list. In fact, we did save the world from Nazism, Imperial Japan, and Communism. Unfortunately, those in the U.S. who vote democrat have helped to put socialist policies on our once free country and thereby gave away many of our freedoms…be it the nanny state, entitlements, and a dangerous liberal agenda. Many, many veterans now openly discuss where in the world we can move to to get our freedom back. The libs and democrats have screwed the USA. Now, we have to find a new one.

  5. What is USA doing on this list? The country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be be free so the killed all the native american´s just to be free. America has brought us Mac Donald ´s and starbucks but little more than that. America is a dream and it is time to wake up and smell the coffee people.

  6. USA would not be the best. And I am pretty sure it isn’t because of the US that they are free because usualy either the USA causes stupid wars themselves or comes in the middle of one when they see fit. USA would be the biggest damn republic of germany if it wasnt for the british and canadians.

  7. Australia is the best we got desert,snow,forest and nice cities too we even got sexy beaches and hot women and lots more….. New zealand is great but dont like the weather there….

  8. To those of you saying the U.S. should be in here, do you really want to live like a fat depressed over taxed person?

  9. I dont know where Americans get the idea that Christopher Columbus discovered America or I guess North America at that time, since there wasent any countries at the time. If Christopher Columbus discovered the Unite States there would be a monument about a mile high where he came ashore. Can someone tell me where he came ashore in the United States.

  10. And 1 week vacation. 2 if your lucky… And that´s why americans think it´s the best country to live in, because they never get enough vacation to see something else.. poor people. It´s kind of sad.

  11. First of all: What the heck are you people bring `who saved who`and `who discovered what` into this? What´s that got to do with anything!? You can´t bring up shit that hasn´t nothing to do with the topic at hand and use it as an argument AND claim to be a logical person.The topic is 10 BEST PLACES TO LIVE 2010 people.

    I´ve lived in the USA for 3 and a half years in 3 different locations and 22 years in Europe in different countries. Living in the US has some benefits but mostly it just sucks. And this is why:
    * Europe has better health care (free maternity care!)
    * A better variety of different cultures (a word that doesn´t exist in the USA)
    * Almost 2 years of paid maternity leave
    * 4-5 weeks of paid vacation
    * Waay better food culture
    * Free school and heathcare for children, Yes even university is free

    Americans gets:
    * No culture
    * Mac Donalds
    * Super expensive healthcare, God forbid you or someone in your family should get cancer you´d loose Everything and if your not poor enought to get government heath care you’re better of financial having a baby by yourself in your livingroom
    *3 months of unpaid maternity leave

    There you have it…

  12. Jeff, this rating has nothing to do with who liberate who.
    This is a study (don’t really know how valid it is) on where people live better.
    Quality of life is what we are looking for, no mather “how it got there”.

    There a several factors that are being consider and with sincere respect to the US, i really don’t think the US is overall # 1.

    I must agree that in economics and military it is # 1, but culture ?
    I am really surprise you think so. Open your eyes.

    Political, Wow !!!

    I have travel all over the world and sene people ( a LOT from the US) that think everywhere should be US, and show no respect on other religions and ways of leaving.
    They think just because a 200 year old temple is open to the public, it is similar to disneyland…
    Of course this happens with every nationality and mosst of US citizens are respecfull.

    I once went to a monastery in Tibet and overheard a US citizen saying that a starbucks should be there !!!
    We don’t have to understand other cultures, but just try to respect them.

    And dont get me wrong, i depend and enjoy the US way of leaving,

  13. America should not even be close to number one.. Even if they have nice thing.. people that live there can barly pay for anything.. you have to live paycheck by paycheck, the cost of living is high and no to mention family, if you have a kid your pretty you will be in debt for the rest of your life unless you have money, and in america for the lower class citizens life is a ““““, taxes going up and the losing jobs… Im sorry, tis country should be number 100000 place to live

  14. I wish web sites had people take an I.Q. test prior to posting. The ignorance is overwhelming. America is no where near an acceptable “Number One” position. I have been to France, it is a gorgeous country and everyone I met was very pleasant and happy. I have also been to Australia, that is probably one of the best countries I’ve ever been to, I was surprised that was not number one. The United States should not be as high as it is on the list, mostly everyone in the U.S. is rude and incredibly simple minded.

  15. In my opinion the US is not the 7th best country to live. It’s a great country and I’m proud of my nationality but it has several problems. If the US is the 7th, Brazil should be the 10th because it has almost the same problems like the US today. And I think that HDI is not the best way to qualify a country.

  16. I agree with the one who said “most of those who think the US should be number one” has never been out of the country. In fact, other than a short vacation here or there, they probably haven’t been out of their state. It is a response based solely on ignorance and might I add brainwashing. It embarrasses me when my fellow Americans behave like that but I live amid it everyday. It is proof positive that we shouldn’t be on the chart in at least one area for sure…education!

  17. I think you should be proud of the country you live in, period end of story. If you are unhappy, its really not too hard to live somewhere else. I think most people blogging on this forum, have no idea what they are talking about, for example Christopher Columbus is not English and did not discover the USA. The list is ridiculous all around, and all these people. I also do believe you need to be rich and retired to comfortably enjoy any of these countries on the list, but hey money shouldn’t buy you happiness! South Africa is nice though, I like it here.

  18. Switzerland is the best country to live. Why Belgium is on the list? its filthy there, there are ppl who beg in the street, drivers are not disciplined, cars parking in bus line, ppl don’t care. Paris is filthy too, ppl are always in the street demonstrating! Norway is not in the list probably because the they wear socks all year long.

  19. i live on the moon it should be number 1. just me and couple little greeen men pop by now and again.I hear the Chinese are coming to visit soon cant wait, cheap toys for christmas.

    Posted By


  20. Jeff Grant and everyone else saying the US has to be # 1…why exactly? There is rampant crime, child abuse, domestic violence, obesity and unemployment. Have you lived (or even been) anywhere else? Don’t just say “I spent 3 days in such city this one time so I know everything about a whole country!!” You don’t. People migrate anywhere for any sort of reasons. Many applications are made to live in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland… not everyone wants to be you or live like you. Quality of life means for than military power.

  21. I think France is a shit hole and Australia should be no.1 and by the way ‘jeffgrant stupid american’ the English have caused so many problems in the countries it has colonized. When I think of England I think gloomy dingy poo hole and rainy and depressing and I love the US even though I wasnt born there. I will always think Australia is the no.1 country because of our people and Great Barrier Reef. YEAH.

  22. The USA is filled with crooks who only care about money and hate their fellow countrymen. The people here are rude and have no respect for diversity, even though diversity is everywhere. The most wealthy people here constantly bellyache about paying taxes, even those who have so many deductions that they really don’t pay taxes. It sickens the wealthy people here to contribute to the development, health, and prosperity of the middle class (though the wealthy have demolished the economy so thoroughly that the middle class has sunk to join the low class). To sum up my point, if you are wealthy, the USA is the greatest country on Earth, but if you are not, you will be a second class citizen for sure.

  23. Wow Jeff Grant you know who christoper columbus is right? A english person who discovered the USA. Besides you guys have the death pentaly the highest handgun violence and are number on the the obesity scale you have the 3rd worst gun masscare ever and the number one at a school (virgina tech) and you think America is the best place to live! Norway is by the United Nations! The UN which was formed to keep peace (and we had one day of peace because the USA in always at war!) so norway is number one not america. The USA doesn’t deverse a place on this list.

  24. i stay whith many countries but anyway every one like thay country wher he burn and growup i am from afghanistan so i live fra 2005 untail now in norway but i like my country yet i am not agree this ten 10 is best place to live but i say where you live and have home is the best place at the world spicaly home

  25. If you knew anything about history which I’m assuming you don’t cause you made the most un-thought about comment made…first off we owe Americas exploration to Europe..they were the ones that founded this piece of land, with that there principles and guidelines that helped establish this country that again we owe to Europe….after that that’s when America tweeked what foundation was established and made it fit for this country Named America…America is Definitley in the top ten for hoe influence we do have in this world, but it is by far not the best place in America, there are so many issues we have…right not were just about on a thrushold of a constitutional covention for various reasons that all lead back to money…other countries don’t have issues like we do …just look, at any countries, statistics under crime, cost of living, average income per household, risk and safety, and education, ….my advice to you is read a book a learn something go travel and experience new things and meet new people and see what they have to’ll learn that there’s a lot to life that Americans don’t yet realize, that these other countries do realize and is the reason why we’re not the best country to life in

  26. wow, this is total B.S. United States at seven?!?!?!?!? People are flocking to US from Europe, Canada and Asia.
    It is easier to live here,
    – our taxes are great compared to Europe,
    – you have the freedom to do so many things on your own property if your not native to CA,
    -health care may not be the best but it isn’t forced on you either and you are not paying for someone else to have it,
    – there is land and natural resources completely untapped (meaning we will be one of few modernized countries with major resources and room for expansion over the next 100 years),
    -we border mexico and Canada (for Christ’s sake, what kind of danger do those countries pose to the US???),
    -we can actually fight in a war ( thank-you Wikipedia ,
    -Oh and people that love France can it, they would be here if it were for us and the only reason why we saved them so many times is because they had our back ONCE during the Revolutionary war
    -gotta love the french foreign legion though, such a proud army that came to be and still is so well known to this day, ONLY 25% PERCENT OF THEM ARE FRENCH, GO FIGURE!!!!
    -In the end its ok i guess, we have to have lists like these to pander to the little guy so they feel important too, oh wait we already have the UN for that, my bad. (oh and the US pays more than any other country for its membership too, thats right, the big bad US pays for to hear piss ant countries talk trash and share their feelings, cry me a river ugh)
    -fact is if US isn’t in the top 3 in a list like this the author is a communist hippie with their head buried in the sand cause the US literally inspired the world to do so many great things for human rights and basic freedoms

  27. having just come back from france i have to totally disagree…..well paris at least…dirty filthy place…..countryside is nice but i gotta say theres absolutely no place like home…Australia is by far the best place to live, so diverse in everything…..

    tasmania is just beautiful…

    those who want to visit, forget sydney or melbourne…they are dives compared to rest of australia

  28. For all you people who are talking about “Well before them there was this country so obviously the first country should be better.” That’s not true; that is the past this is the present. Personally I view this list as “The 10 Best Countries to Live in After You Retire.” This is not a list about the economy it’s mostly about physical beauty and tourist popularity.

  29. @Jeff Grant.

    Cultural superpower? Who’s culture is that
    The wall in my back garden is older than your country and contains more culture

  30. It’s nice to see the list. But I think US should top on all above. I am native of India , but what’s true is true no denying that. Only the thing that pinches me regards of US is that they try to over power every where thinking that they are big dady , but always get sucked up in some other matter’s example : Afghanistan , hunger for Power (Gas) has made them hungry and scavengers , but still US rocks. I love that country and of course mine too.

    As per leisure and safety and beauty goes here is my personal list:

    1) Canada.

    2) New Zealand.

    3) Switzerland.

    4) I think Seychelles should also be included as far as beaches go.

    That’s it.

  31. Noooooooo ! best place for live is Tehran ! Irans capital … !

    I kidding ………………..

    France is best for live .
    Not US .

  32. LOL Are you kidding me?
    Ok let me put this the way you put it.
    England has to be #1 because that’s where the americans came from. So US couldn’t be #1 if there wasn’t people discovering the US.
    Why do you think you are better than the rest of the world?
    I’m not even english and England is just another shit country to live in..

  33. I’m happy with this chart. France really is the best country to live in. And it makes me laugh at people complaining America should be #1. No. No it really shouldn’t. It has no place on this chart. <3 Lovin the chart.

  34. My opinion is that Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland should be in top 10, Australia and New Zealand are the first two, Canada is No.3, Denmark is No. 4, USA is No. 5, and Japan is No. 10. Italy really sucks because they are really corrupt, Germany is a little better than Italy, but still sucks as well.

  35. The US has to be #1 because if it wasn’t for the USA these other countries would not be free and be able to do as they please….communism may have prevailed in the world without the US. Obviously this does not mean that in certain catergories other countries may not be better. But overall the US is the economic, cultural, military, and political superpower.

  36. I would put the top 3 as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The mixture of low crime, good climate (maybe not Canada), wages, cost of living, personal freedoms, pollution, healthcare, and education puts these countries top.

    Parts of the USA however have a wonderful standed of living, but judging a country as a whole you would have the include the ghettos, trailer parking, projects, and hick-towns which are poorer than Eastern Europe.

  37. I don’t agree with this list at all, I feel like France shouldnt be number 1 in this list, and where is Iceland, Norway, Sweden? I think Italy and Germany shouldnt be here as well 😛

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