10 Best Countries to Live in 2010

Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by  International Living. Enjoy.

10. Italy

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 85, economy – 63, environment – 74, freedom – 92, health – 90, infrastructure – 62, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

9. Canada

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 69, environment – 62, freedom – 100, health – 84, infrastructure – 85, risk & safety – 100, climate – 69).

8. Belgium

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 83, economy – 66, environment – 64, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 86).

7. United States

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 79, economy – 67, environment – 62, freedom – 92, health – 78, infrastructure – 100, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

6. Luxembourg

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 44, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 85, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 66, risk & safety – 100, climate – 83).

5. New Zealand

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Final score – 79 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 65, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 70, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

4. Germany

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 54, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 83, freedom – 100, health – 89, infrastructure – 90, risk & safety – 100, climate – 79).

3. Switzerland

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 86, economy – 79, environment – 78, freedom – 100, health – 95, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 77).

2. Australia

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 76, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

1. Best country to live – France

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Final score – 82 (cost of living – 55, leisure & culture – 81, economy – 69, environment – 72, freedom – 100, health – 100, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

The rest of the list is here.

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  1. I would put the top 3 as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The mixture of low crime, good climate (maybe not Canada), wages, cost of living, personal freedoms, pollution, healthcare, and education puts these countries top.

    Parts of the USA however have a wonderful standed of living, but judging a country as a whole you would have the include the ghettos, trailer parking, projects, and hick-towns which are poorer than Eastern Europe.

  2. I don’t agree with this list at all, I feel like France shouldnt be number 1 in this list, and where is Iceland, Norway, Sweden? I think Italy and Germany shouldnt be here as well :P

  3. Australia. The only country that contains NORMAL people.

    P.S-New zealand, us,uk, ireland and canada are also good countries.

  4. best country for living is united states and Iran. united states has a lot of good place for visit. I can say : Arizona , yellow stone , white house , Niagara fall , Michigan lake.

  5. I like united states. It is the best country for living. It has yellow stone park and good cars.

  6. @ eric i belive the reason u made such a racist comment is because u yourself are racist ive lived and worked in the us for over 20 years and in the beggining of the obama admin i found the debt was better handled than it was under mr.Bush or any other government so thanks for your opinion bu this is mine3

  7. hi….. ive traveld to over 113 of the worlds countries and if im correct there are 125………. the best on ive been to however is not france but germany ……. trailing in after germany would be bangladesh and the usa ive been to all 50-52 states and colorado was the best thanks…….

  8. @eddie alexander
    hey we have the right to own guns in america so ill just shoot your ass to shut you up

  9. Ok, I’m from Puerto Rico, and I saw the complete list… Puerto Rico has a HUGE crime rate… I don’t understand how they could’ve given it a 100 in Safety. You can’t even walk outside past 10 PM cause you are very likely to get jacked. These guys didn’t do their homework. And giving the USA a 100 on safety is ridiculous as well cause walking around South East Washington D.C. in plain daylight is suicide. Apparently whoever made this list went to Minneapolis to get their statistics. As far as freedom goes, I can’t see how the US scores large… you can’t smoke weed, you can’t get with a prostitute legally… That’s not freedom. The Netherlands – Now THAT’S freedom. Smoke, drink, sex… pay for it all… no problem. Nobody is going to arrest you. God this list is super wrong… 1 star only…

  10. i love australia,because this country is very friendly and has nice seas

  11. Who ever wrote this article failed to explain in any way what sources and specific details were used to rank each category. Without a good explanation, this article is useless for those seriously considering moving. I’m currently in the U.S. and I don’t think it has a 92% ranking in freedom… maybe if you are an upper middle class white man….






  13. France???that is funny as hell!!! Lol

  14. Canada should be number 1.

  15. New Zealand…………………….Go!

  16. @shut it yanks
    I am going to say you got proved well and truly wrong about terrorism!!

    My opinion

    10) Italy (Despite debt)
    9) US (Would be higher but will ultimately be the downfall of the world, a liability)
    8) Holland
    7) UK (High priced but good standard of life, weather and yob culture lose points)
    6) Australia
    5) Switzerland
    4) Sweden
    3) Germany (Expensive but overall a very nice country)
    2) Canada (Nice people, nice winters and not stupidly expensive)
    1) Austria (I just love Austria!)

  17. U.S has so many poor people, crime rate is higher, poor public transformation compared to other top countries,….

  18. I love India…

  19. Eric you are offically an ignorant fucktard. Nd the exact reason why the US is 7. Stupid ppl with illogical thinking lik you hav ruiened this country. US should be higher on the list because Japan isnt even mentioned yet it has a great economy health and etc.

  20. Oh and Australia is a great place to live, should be number one! LOVE AUSTRALIA!!! :)

  21. And btw, Australia really is the best mate :D

  22. @pie face…. The majority of Americans have never left America. You have no idea what your talking about mate. Get out sometime!

  23. i can surely bet india is thebest coz even though there are huge problems in india biggest of alll corruption i still think india is the coolest of all coz the indians still continue to live normal under all circumstances

  24. Australia has way more freedom than the USA.

  25. This list provides us ideal places where one would want to live..but i have to agree with marc that the best place for one to live is where your heart is,where u feel happy and complete..i m 22 years old and was born in a small town in India..As a teenager i always fantasized of moving to a developed country where it would be safe and better…But as i grew up,i just fell in love with India and i cant explain why..i want to travel the world,every single country,city,town,village,place..but i know now that no matter where i live,i would prefer dying at very same little town where i was born.
    .My country is frequently under terrorist attacks and may not be a very safe destination for those who were born in security range of 80-100..but its still the best place for me on Earth…for its this terror attacks that bring us together like nothing else in the world…its a global sentiment..these attacks serve the exact opposite purpose…
    But for those who are pushed to a corner,wounded..without proper education and leadership its logical that they accept extremist philosophy-hence the terrorists…they to are humans like us and can b reasoned with…but it takes immeasurable strength and courage to forgive and find better alternatives to violence….we are all patriots and want our countries to be the best…Lets not criticize or argue but work so that our countries could progress…Spirit of competition must never die for it is the catalyst of our very evolution..there there..I said it.. :D ..

  26. how did the US rank higher than Canada? this is rigged…..

  27. “Therefore I think IRAN can be among the best 10 countries over the world now.” – NO, IRAN IS POOR.

    People, these are the top 10 countries considering living costs, transport, economy, leisure, etc.

    So don’t even throw in countries like Bangladesh and Iran, and I bet yous don’t even live in Iran or Bangladesh , because it’s poor and rarely anyone there has internet.

  28. I think that the best of any involves with the acceptance of some difficulties with which we can understand the flavor of the best. Those who live in the welfair background, will might not understand the life actually. Therefore I think IRAN can be among the best 10 countries over the world now.

  29. u.s is going down a hell hole

  30. Because i trusted in lists like this one that my life went to hell..THIS LIST IS BS AND NOTHING BUT A PROPAGANDA

  31. U.S cant be nr.1 for the basic reason there is terrorism,so i would put norway, denmark or finland to the list because there is none of terrorism ( and i DO live in italy )

  32. R Smith and fans of America. America use to be a great country until Obama got elected. Now it has become more racist and more discrimination. You can understand this when the Justice department now controlled by Democrats allow the Black panthers to send bullies to the polls, but if it was the KKK they would take action. The liberals have ruined America with its socialist greedy ideas. Now the country is bankrupt. Democrats want to tax… thats not freedom and being strapped in debt by uncompetent fools is not freedom.

    Europe is strapped in socialism, thats not freedom. Ive been to almost every counttry in Europe and its all the same. Canada has its liberal fools like America.

    Asia countries probably stand better. Mexico has its gang problems. so does the rest of Latin america with thugs like Chavez.

    The free countries like Philippines I could probably retire to. Even if it ain’t rich, they at least are happier. I’ve been there so I can see the difference. I am guessing Panama might be a another.

    Where ever the gay people are gettting control, that is another place to stay away from.

  33. How is america tys best!? It sux… I hAv family members in poland and thy refer 2 live there… And poland is very poor! Also america is soo stupid itd the 17th smartest country in the wiele the most obese and filled with racist and idiots! It might be okay but i don’t care 4 it… And I’m from America! Rather live somewhere like japan or France or sumthin


  35. USA Must Be The No 1 because Online Buying Things , Air Force And technology Is the best for us.
    All Things From USA Is the best.

  36. For me:

    10: France
    9: Belgium
    8: Italy
    7: Finland
    6: Sweden
    5 Switzerland
    4: Norway
    3: New Zealand
    2: Canada
    1: Australia

    United States = Racist / Xenophibic / Hate in different ways / Imperalist.
    United Kingdom = Xenophobic / Sometimes racist

  37. I reckon every country is special in its own ways and people make judgements on their lifestyle and freedom . What im saying is there are goods and bads in every country. For example, Australia, Their government helps out every Australian Citizen and asure that not one Australian citizen will be left homeless-positive. And Australia may not be the country with most freedom-negative. But to everything there are rules. Now take the USA, The government is the most united but does not help citizens as much due to population increase. and they have more freedom. Everyone sees things in their own perspective . Life is Life. Live it .

  38. France…if you don’t mind giving up more than half of you salery then fine go for it

  39. No, it should be Singapore. Its the safest, 2nd cleanest, most urbanized, 3rd wealthest in Asia and one of the four asian tigers.

  40. Is chevere

  41. This list is complete BS. Both Germany and Australia rank 100 in “Freedom”, and the US only a 92. But Germany and Australia routinely ban music, television, movies, and video games. France also bans its people from owning Nazi memorabilia (even for historical purposes) and recently banned Muslim women from wearing burkas in public.

    Say what you will about which country is the best to live in, but there’s no doubt the USA is the freest nation in the world.

  42. Lol, is the part of France a joke? risk & safety France scores 100?? Scores the same as Italy on climate?? big joke.

  43. I agree with Marc totally. The best country to live is where ur heart is…for me it’s Colombo, Sri Lanka :) . Come visit there and give it a go!

  44. @pieface don’t forget overconfident! People have their own opinions
    Don’t insult people because you don’t like what they think, are you really
    That immature? The USA does indeed have really good things to, dont
    Get me wrong, but not all of them are better then other contries. I live in
    Canada, there are good points and bad, just like any other country but
    Im not as childish to say that its the best one of all.

  45. @pieface! What reality show do you live in?! Lmfao. Wake up sheep.

  46. just like what marc said,the best place is where your heart is. I keep telling my brothers in US whenever they tell me all the bad things my country ‘ Nigeria’is known but i always say its one the best places to chill out judging from my own standard.

  47. I am a brazilian-born Canadian. Have visited tons of countries, business trips though. I believe that the bet country in the world is the one you feel your heart is, no matter what the climite is, crime rate etc .. just live your life to the fullest where your heart is.

  48. Wow, it seems as if people are too jealous to put America first, as apposed to all the European countries. Do they really think that it’s better to live in France then the U.S.A.? We are the most developed, strongest, most helpful, and successful.

  49. Where is Norway, Sweden and UK on this list?

  50. hi, Hold on, hold no, BANGLADESH is one of the best country in the world. it is the QUEEN of nature


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