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Everybody knows him but nobody have seen him. He is most mysterious and most popular graffiti artist in the world. People call him Banksy. He lives in London but you can find his works all over the world. Banksy started career in graffiti in 1980 and since when brought us some graffiti masterpieces. Check them out.

10. OMG! Sale Ends Today!


9. Gray Ghost in New Orleans


8. Caveman Who Likes Fast Food


7. Zebra Without Strips


6. Two Phone Booths in New York


5. Maid Doing Her Job

4. Peeing English Policeman


3. Hanging Lover Scene


2. I Must Not Copy What I See On The Simpsons


1. What Are You Looking At?


Check Banksy’s website.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Banksy’s Outdoor Works

  1. Pretty sure the new york phone booths is not him. Also the English ‘policeman’ is a guard, like they have outside Buckingham palace. It may be quaint here but the cops don’t run around in bearskin hats 😎

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