10 Best Countries to Live in 2010

Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by  International Living. Enjoy.

10. Italy

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 85, economy – 63, environment – 74, freedom – 92, health – 90, infrastructure – 62, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

9. Canada

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 69, environment – 62, freedom – 100, health – 84, infrastructure – 85, risk & safety – 100, climate – 69).

8. Belgium

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 83, economy – 66, environment – 64, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 86).

7. United States

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 79, economy – 67, environment – 62, freedom – 92, health – 78, infrastructure – 100, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

6. Luxembourg

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 44, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 85, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 66, risk & safety – 100, climate – 83).

5. New Zealand

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Final score – 79 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 65, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 70, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

4. Germany

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 54, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 83, freedom – 100, health – 89, infrastructure – 90, risk & safety – 100, climate – 79).

3. Switzerland

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 86, economy – 79, environment – 78, freedom – 100, health – 95, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 77).

2. Australia

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 76, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

1. Best country to live – France

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Final score – 82 (cost of living – 55, leisure & culture – 81, economy – 69, environment – 72, freedom – 100, health – 100, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

The rest of the list is here.

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  1. every country is best except muslim countries. only some muslim countries r good .

  2. my country INDIA is also one one the best country in the world

  3. I have been to a total of 10 countries. I live in Canada, and I believe that it is the best. Maybe that’s my bias, but it is so clean here, so safe and very pretty. Much better than the U.S., which seems cold and uninviting. Although the United States are beautiful, they lack the freedom and niceness of Canada. People in Canada are very polite and nice. Here is my list based on the countries I’ve been to:
    1. Canada
    2. Netherlands
    3. Germany
    4. Austria
    5. San Marino
    6. Czech Republic
    7. Vatican City
    8. Poland
    9. United States
    10. Italy
    Remember: these are the countries I’ve been to. Thank you, I just wanted to share my opinion.

  4. Hey, I am Emily, I’m from New York. I honestly can’t believe some of you Americans; saying that you don’t love your country & that we live unfair.. I mean really, grow up. Life is never fair, no matter where you go. I have pride in my country. Never did me any harm. Sure, taxes are high and our economy is down; so is everyone else in the world. We’re going through a rough patch America but surely soon we’ll go back to the optimistic and strong country we were. I think people are just loosing hope but I’m telling you, don’t give up on this great country. There are also many other amazing places in the world
    ( France, Italy, Australia, UK, Jamaica.. etc)
    But i wouldn’t want to live any other place but America. If you disagree, that is most likely because America is huge, there are many places to go, some are better place than others. Just like any other place. But i think America all together is a wonderful place & i disagree that all Americans are unfriendly.


  5. I am from the USA, and of all god awful states… Utah! I have lived here my whole life and can honestly say that Yes, it is a wonderful place to live, if you fit the mold… if your a non smoking, heterosexual, white, male, Mormon, that has no interest in culture, outside opinions, or night life…. then “this is the place” to be as so famously shoved down our throats, (by the LDS bastered Brigham Young) just as much as this is the land of the free… HOWEVER if you should not fall into that exact mold, & I do mean the exact mold, cuz you better be every last one of those pieces of the mold, then your pretty much F*(%3D…

    I used to be a huge patriot, served my country in the military, followed the letter of the law, saluted my flag, until my government did nothing but shit on me in return… Being a homosexual, white, male, free from the LDS “Government”… I almost fit the mold & I still got shit on so, I wouldn’t suggest here.

  6. I am French and but have been living in UK for 15 years now. I have to say I do miss France a lot but UK is not that bad. However, saying that, it got worst the last 10 years and I do not think this is a place to live if you want to raise a family. However, if you are young, this is great. And the people are less snobbish than in France, that’s for sure!
    I guess every country has its bad and good point.
    Saying that, the employment would be better in Italy, I would go and live there tomorrow!

  7. I’ve lived in America my entire life and definitely feel it should have been left off of this list altogether. It is true that anyone can become anything they can dream of in this once great country, however the Capitalist machine has made that nigh impossible unless you can afford or achieve an Ivy League education, run a 4 second 40, or become a pop sensation.
    For the rest of us, the white and BLUE collar proletariat, life is getting more difficult. Taxes are skyrocketing for us, while huge corporations are receiving massive tax breaks that directly benefit the bank accounts off those companies CEOs, COOs, etc. Meanwhile, in order to qualify for these breaks, average hardworrking citizens are being laid off to expand the company’s bottom line. Anyway, I digress.
    This pandemic of greed within our own borders has recently boiled over into countries with resources which we will rape, pillage and murder for. So we send our brave soldiers to ‘fight the war on terror’, which coincidently takes place over oceans of oil so that private contractors, subcontracted by Corporate America, can suck up as much as possible before the dust settles.
    I realize that my rant has little to do with the list above, but who wants to live in a country founded by greed and run by corruption. Unfortunately many modern countries are taking up the reigns of democracy, which in itself is the perfect society. But in recent centuries, Democracy begets Capitalism, Capitalism begets Industrialism, and Industrialism begets Fascism.
    In my opinion, if a 26 year old white kid from a New Jersey suburb can see through the veil and feel this way, then the government has failed to do its job. All our government has managed to do is put us in a financial abyss while lining their pockets and their buddies’ along the way.
    While I am a realist and an American taxpayer, I can’t help but be disgusted by the hipocrasy that envelops our once promising country.

  8. I think the only thing everyone agrees with here is that France doesn’t not deserve Number One :’)
    I also love how Americans pride themselves on their right to Freedom yet didn’t score as High as all of the part-socialised countries…
    I’m disappointed Japan and the UK didn’t get into the top 10. Japan surely has the best Infrastructure (along the same lines as Scandinavia) and technology. And the UK is by far the most LENIENT country I have EVER been to. If your under the age of 35, the UK is the best place to live because the Police just do not care about minor youth offenses, they just care about solving major crimes like Theft and Murder. And they’re so liberal and accepting of different races and Sexuality.

  9. Well, I’ve travelled a lot. I’ve been to France, Australia, USA, England, Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica (not part of the list, but oh well) and I can honestly say for being in these countries for over a period of a year. The USA is the best and I cannot understand why U.S. citizens criticize living in the USA. You should not be ashamed of being American! Americans have the most polite people I’ve ever met and very nice climates to adjust to, along as housing, hospitality, great diversion, amazing culture and freedom. Sure you may not have free health care like the rest of the developed world but over 85% of Americans have healthcare and nearly all jobs offer health benefits (including McDonalds). You may argue that you have high crime rates but in reality, America is one of the safest country’s in the western world (apart from gun crime) and look at other country’s on here, they have less than 100+ million people in their country. America has over 300m+ in it. America should be ranked higher and I wish SOME Americans would realize how many people would like to live there.

  10. The thing about living in the U.S. is that it is so big, two places can be completely different. I live in the northwest, and I would absolutely hate to live in other parts of the country. You can really break the U.S. up into regions and talk about them separately. I would imagine you could do the same with Canada.

  11. Hey Anniell, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Anybody who bashes their own country that has a good standard of living and has a free government is a piece of crap not worthy of the blessing they have been lucky enough to inherit. Look at how most of the people in the world live; you should be ashamed of yourself. Get your snout out of the air you arrogant pig.
    Having lived North of your wonderful, generous, caring country most of my life, I only wished i could have moved there. When the #$%^ hits the fan anywhere in the world who is the first to help and give lots of money? European countries right? Middle eastern or asian countries right? No you loser, it’s the USA.
    It’s not perfect but the world owes the US a debt of gratitude.

  12. I have no idea how Brazil got an 83 in safety when it has the highest non-violent crime rate in the world…

  13. i have been to new zealand/canada/US/UK/austrilia and germany, and i think new zealand is the best country ever to live in ;)

  14. I think Australia is the best country becuase of the nice people, great accents and the scenery, COME TO AUSTRALIA, best beaches too also canada seems like a really good country, also i think the UK should be in here. :)

  15. I’ve never been to the U.S., but I would love to go there! I lived in Canada for 4 years, and i dont like staying here. It’s really cold during winter, and you have to pay high taxes. I’ve been to Italy, France, and New Zealand. So far, I like France the best! Paris was so beautiful and classic !.

  16. I’m young but I can say i have travelled much and I have met wonderful people from all corners of the globe. I’ve lived 5 years in the USA, 5 years in France, and 10 years in Burkina Faso my country. I think you americans exagerate. You have no idea how much people would like to be at your place. The true problem of your country is individualism but it’s a part of the capitalist world. Of my 20yrs of life, the 5 years i spent in the US were the best! I loved it. I felt completely at home, I got integrated quickly, and I made a myself a new family there. Of all the people I’ve met, those I’ve met in the USA are the ones that truly marked me. and there are so many opportunities to become someone, but most americans don’t grab them. And how could you not like France? It’s a wonderfull country! True there are many thiefs in Paris and it’s overcrowded because it is the most visited city in the world…But even higher education is practically free and life in smaller cities is very cheap. There’s less racism than in Scandinavian countries. What i do not understand is why Canada is not in the top five. It is such a friendly country! Africa is never mentioned. It’s a poor continent but it’s a wonderfull to live there.Middle class europeans or americans when they come to Africa have the luxury of affording themselves big cars, chauffers, personal cooks, domestics…..while in their own countries they live in soggy apartments. And the population is so friendly and everything is about fraternity and respect.It’s quite difficult to class the best countries to live in.I think that everything depends on what you are actually looking for in your quality of life.

  17. Mahhunna Of course. Giverment pay for you to live. No work, just fun. Where is mahuunna on the list?

  18. ive lived in many countries and i actulay thing the UK is best dont ask it just is. If u live in south it will atleast be a decent climate its not to crouded and lots to do. I dont no why the us is in the ten i went there just for week and it was busy i got attacked by a group of teens then i was took to hospital and i didnt like it that much so that was my worst holiday ever im never going back either. Spain and portugal are nice places they should be up there its hot,nice,calm and generally i great place to be
    well thats what i think

    And the uk health servise is FREE which is very helpfull if u get hurt i think that gives england a few points

  19. Why do so many of you feel the need to bash the United States? I think most of the people complaining about this great country just can’t compete in a free Capitalist society, so they long to live in a Socialist Utopia. I can also tell that most of the negative comments are fake due to the terrible English. I see in a lot of these comments, people pretending to be Americans and then in the same sentence saying they wouldn’t want to live “there”. This country has survived a civil war, two world wars and a great depression! We’re not going down anytime soon. To determine which is the greatest country, you look at the number of people that are trying to immigrate to it! I think we all know what country that is!

  20. I think Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are excellent countries. I lived in the UK for a year and loved it they have a great NHS but the population of England is intense (most of the people are really nice). The US should not be in the 10 top ten we do not have a good medical system in this country. It varies from state to state and it is hideous if live in AZ. AZ has the worst Governor and the most backward politically structure. I think its sad the US would be a greater country if the Government would get out of the war business and invest in their infrastructure and take care of there people (by implementing a good Universal Health Care System like the UK). Governments should invest in their people by providing excellent education, Health Care, housing for all (no one should be homeless), and solving problems by diplomacy (avoiding war). Also the US needs to get rid of their addiction to oil; we do have the technology to use healthy non-polluting alternatives.
    My list for 10 Best Countries to live in:
    Australia / New Zealand / Switzerland / Norway / Denmark / United Kingdom / Spain / Canada / Japan / Netherlands

  21. this is the biggest joke i have ever seen!!! USA should not be in the top 10 and definately not ahead of Canada. I have lived here (USA) all my life, and im not proud of that fact at all. where is Iceland at in this poll? i also think the numbers are made up

  22. Personally, I hate the USA.. I live in Illinois and i hate it.. you have no freedom… people smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, so what? its there freedom. I dont like the crime either.. some people just have a better quality of life than others… Taxes are another issue.. i dont get why there is a government…. i can see there being laws but really? they are just taking our money to help “helpless” people who are lazy and wont get a damn job! If we lived like the native americans, free roam and work for our food, then we would be in a lot better shape.. im going to live in Germany… i love german cars and the history is very intriguing.

  23. REALLY! Why is the U.S on this list? All I ever hear on the news is something to do with a redneck doing something stupid, people getting murdered & the arrogance we americans have…we think we’re the best at everything. I’m sorry but the U.S is not somewhere I personally would want to live in…too big, too arogant, too stupid & too racist.

  24. well, i would not say UK is the best and I think 25th is the place, The climate in UK is the worest especialy London and I dont know what France would be the best one, Just because of Neice and Canese?

  25. french safety and italian infrastructure scores are way overrated. there is no order or infrastructure in italy at all.

    IMO Germany and France (even though its wonderful) should be placed lower.
    And Portugal, Spain, and Norway shouldve get honorable mentions.

    for guy from UK: You cannot judge properly if youve spent all your life in one country, UK is nowhere near in the quality of life compared to these countries – terrible food and climate, and you also cant compare the cultural aspect for example with France or Italy.

  26. hello to all i really enjoyed looking at this list but it isnt enirly accurate, I live in Canada and of course i think it should be first but i imagine everyone else thinks that about there country. Canada fell short brcause of our climate, but unlike other contries our freedom is unbeatable and health care is free, so it depends who u r really!

  27. I don’t get why people are dissing Canada! Like seriously I have been living in Vancouver for years and let me tell you that Is the best place on earth. people always mistaken as Canada being the coldest place but it isn’t. when it’s winter it’s cold when it’s summer it’s hot, IT’S PERFECT. all the other countries on this list is great too but what they don’t have that Canada possess is the great people in it. very multicultural and no war! everyone is super nice here and have u seen the olympics?!?! best ever. OVERALL.. I think Canada should be at least top 5 but top 3 is better.

  28. The USA WAS a great place to live. The country is in rapid decline. When you analyze all key aspects that comprise of a counties living standards, the USA has declined in all the major areas. Politics, corruption, education, conflicts among other nations (wars), quality jobs/careers and overall quality of life.

    I will say that the USA is a great place for the 10% of Americans that possess over 90% of the wealth of the country.

    The other 90% of Americans……hold on….its going to a turbulent future.

  29. Seriously? What about Norway? yeah sure it’s a little expensive to live here, but everything else is free. Education, everything health-related etc. I think the UN knows best.

    and also, when the sea level rises and all you guys drown, we’ll be safe and dry in Norway.

  30. I don’t understand how America got on that list. It is a terrible country to live in full of debt, no religious freedom, low cognitive individuals, and overall, their government is beyond terrible. People are rude, inconsiderate, impolite, and the overall tax and living costs are disgusting. The West is the worst place to live, not trying to diss Canada, but there are better places to live in Europe and Asian countries by far. People there are a lot more happier, intelligent, creative, and non corrupt, (like the USA!) Families separate, and the depression and low-health rates are at an all time high. It is just not the “American Dream” everyone believes it to be.

    In America, religion, corporations and the government rule the country. Only caring about money and causing war with any country who has a weak government and has oil.

    Canada is a decent place to live, but taxes are still extremely high, high living costs, and the educational system in both America and Canada lack a lot of philosophy and science and overall accuracy. Western culture is atrocious, the Media rules and dictates what is “in” and what everyone should be doing and spending their money on.

    The top places to live in my opinion would be Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany etc, (any surrounding countries) and Japan (due to the politeness of the people and rich culture and advancements in technology.) The pollution is pretty bad in Japan itself, but if you can overcome it, I would recommend living their also due to its low crime rates. I personally can’t wait to move to a European country after my schooling, America and the southern people where I came from are simply intolerable.

  31. I’d say the list is reasonably accurate. America may have an overwhelming list of achievements, but i didnt like living their as much as i did when i lived in scandinavian countries like Germany and Finland. Too much pollution in America, thats probably why i didnt like it ;P. Australia and New Zealand have it pretty good in the southern hemisphere, but then again, their should be perks that comes with a combined population of around 33 million ;P. 1 i would disagree with would be France. The country aspect their as opposed to the city is marvelous, but inside the city gets almost as hectic as the daily market in New Delhi, and as for safety, id probably do a ‘Flight Of the Conchords’ and strap my wallet to my chest ;P.

  32. Well, I am agree with this ranking. Australia is the best place to live because here wages are good but in other countries like USA & UK there are lots of people who can’t afford luxury life. I love Australia. Australia is the best place to live and I think Canada should me nowhere. Canada is sooo freezing all the time……..thanks for making Australia number 2 in the world……

  33. Its glad to see that someone else agrees with me that the USA isnt that great. I live there by the way. Ive always wanted to live in Australia..

  34. The US is the only place on the list with over 100 million people. That says a lot. The rest of the countries mentioned are small or the population is small. It is always easier with less people. For that alone, US is #1. If California were a country, it would be #1 by a mile.

  35. Bulgaria is the best no doubt about that.

  36. how does the canada not in the top five at least am not trying to hate on the rest of the country on the list but i say canada should at worst come in second before all those other country especailly the USA.AND because toronto is in canada and that is the best place to live in the galaxy

  37. I`ve traveled to many countries, and I lived many years in Europe because my mother is European. As an adult I moved back to USA and have never regretted it. As an individual who has lived in Scandinavia for many years, I can tell you that the US is for me superior in almost every way. I will never ever leave the US again, I almost despise my parents for moving to Europe in the 70s and taking me away from my country of birth. My life was wasted and destroyed because of that move. bum licker, you are absolutely right, thanks for your posting. I LOVE THE USA!

  38. i think newzealand is the best country in the world

  39. who ever made these rankings should has got their info wrong… Canada should be ranked top 3 not bottom 3 … and i dont get how france got 100 for risk and safety, its the pick-pocket capital of the world ! anyways its all bias if u think about it.

  40. Always the same counties. Have travelled more than 100 countries. BEST is definetly PORTUGAL.
    You can have everyting….. wonderful beaches, wonderful people, snow in the winter, best gastronomy, High rate of literacy and almost everybody speaks more than two languages. Cheap comparing with the rest of the developed countries. Close to Africa, close to North America, close to south America, close to any country in Europe. High rate of security and their Hospitality is amazing. Don t believe only in what to hear. Check out with your own eyes….take two weeks and get a real taste of the country. And finally ther is no capital like Lisbon, middle sized, charming and with lot of style.

  41. The UK is a depressing dump run by a cabal of idiot millionaires who consider anyone with less than £800000 savings to be an inferior being. Quite how it got to be 26th is beyond me. I am moving to New Zealand in the next year and will be glad to leave this awful place.

  42. I am not proud to be an american at all. I hate this country.

  43. well its amazing for me to see the list of top ten best countries , i must say UK is the best country as well. hey guy where is UK in your list… :(

  44. I am proud to say that I am a New Zealander and I havn’t seen one negative comment about us, or one person who disagrees with our place on this list… I have travelled to Europe and if anything, majority of the places made me appreciate New Zealand so much more than I already did. Come visit us :)

  45. Australia – hands down the best country in the whole world. Have no idea how France is number 1 in this list to be honest. its like living in a nuclear power plant there.

  46. Hey Mmmk ?
    are you kiding or what ?

    “very, very small handful of attacks on Indians, committed by other Indians, Asians and Lebanese but not by white people”
    It is clear that white people are attacking indians… You are racist country..

    you are saying that indians attacking other indians…

  47. I also find it funny that the U.S. is a country that always takes pride in their “freedom” and they were only given a 92. Everyone other than Italy was ranked 100 under freedom.

  48. I have lived in the U.S. my whole life and if we are truly the 7th best country in the world that is very sad for humanity. I am strongly considering moving to Canada someday.

  49. Am from Jamaica and i think America is great dont matter what you all say
    I dont say i dont like my birth country but to comparison i think America is on of the best country you Americans should be grateful about where you are born.

  50. Seriously?? Where is the UK on this list? Lived here all my life and I love it to bits!! Not a single complaint! It should definitely be first…


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