10 Best Countries to Live in 2010

Here is the list of 10 best countries to live in 2010 by  International Living. Enjoy.

10. Italy

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 85, economy – 63, environment – 74, freedom – 92, health – 90, infrastructure – 62, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

9. Canada

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Final score – 77 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 69, environment – 62, freedom – 100, health – 84, infrastructure – 85, risk & safety – 100, climate – 69).

8. Belgium

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 83, economy – 66, environment – 64, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 86).

7. United States

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 79, economy – 67, environment – 62, freedom – 92, health – 78, infrastructure – 100, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

6. Luxembourg

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Final score – 78 (cost of living – 44, leisure & culture – 76, economy – 85, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 66, risk & safety – 100, climate – 83).

5. New Zealand

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Final score – 79 (cost of living – 62, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 65, environment – 77, freedom – 100, health – 88, infrastructure – 70, risk & safety – 100, climate – 84).

4. Germany

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 54, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 83, freedom – 100, health – 89, infrastructure – 90, risk & safety – 100, climate – 79).

3. Switzerland

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 41, leisure & culture – 86, economy – 79, environment – 78, freedom – 100, health – 95, infrastructure – 96, risk & safety – 100, climate – 77).

2. Australia

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Final score – 81 (cost of living – 56, leisure & culture – 82, economy – 71, environment – 76, freedom – 100, health – 87, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

1. Best country to live – France

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Final score – 82 (cost of living – 55, leisure & culture – 81, economy – 69, environment – 72, freedom – 100, health – 100, infrastructure – 92, risk & safety – 100, climate – 87).

The rest of the list is here.

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  1. Im from the states and we are better then any other country bar none. no other country comes close and we will always be better then all of u at living and at everything else! USA USA

  2. Please no one come UK, If one more plane lands here the whole island will sink into the sea… ps i think australians are deep down rascists

  3. The reason the UK isn’t there is because this country is ***. It has had muppets running it for years and has another couple of twats trying to screw us all even more. Its full of spongers and lazy chavs, is so expensive for everthing and yes the Brits favourite talking point the weather is shite all year round. I was born in the UK(a proper white for generations) and have worked all my life. I have done quite well in life but its getting to the point where its time to jack it all in and head off to somewhere more laid back, cheaper and sunny. USA is tempting, NZ looks great but lack of work, AUS full of wankers who want to work in the UK and France would be great apart from the French. Can’t really say which country is best as I’ve only been to 35 or so countries but it certainly isn’t the ever sinking UK.

  4. For goodness sake, why are there people saying Australia is a racist country? What are your reasons for saying that? Is it because of the very, very small handful of attacks on Indians, committed by other Indians, Asians and Lebanese but not by white people, that make you believe 22+ million of us are so racist? In case you haven’t bothered to pay attention, but Australia is such a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan country to live in. If we were a racist nation, there would only be white people living here, and not people of every nationality all living here in peace. If we were a racist nation, we would NOT have all pitched in and donate over $1b to Indonesia after the Boxing Day tsunami. If we were a racist nation, we would NOT have donated over $66m to Pakistan after the floods. If we were a racist nation, there would be war, constant protests and riots in our streets every single day. SERIOUSLY, THINK about what you say. Maybe you might realise that, ummm…. RACISM EXISTS IN EVERY COUNTRY!!! I’m sure the Aussie haters out there have never been here, but judge the good people in this country from watching the tv in their living room in another country, and believing whatever reports the media have twisted.

    And to those fools who say that Australia’s climate is too hot, either when did you come visit, or whereabouts do you live? If you came here for a holiday, then you probably came during summer, you know, when the weather is usually HOT! Or if you live here, then maybe you live up north where it is always warm. Perhaps try coming down south during winter or spring when it is COOLER and more comfortable.
    I swear, some people are just so incomprehensibly stupid!

    Other than that, Australia certainly does deserve to be right up there. We have some of the greatest beaches in the world, GREAT climates and weather, and the FRIENDLIEST people in the world. Many of Australia’s cities rank in the top 10 of the most liveable cities in the world. A country that prides itself on its multiculturalism, sports, arts & entertainment, fashion, music, beaches.
    Some cities such as Melbourne and Sydney are quite expensive to live in, but it certainly doesn’t stop people moving there.
    We have freedom, free health care, generally a low cost of living, very relaxed and laid back lifestyle, and a strong economy.
    So all in all, one of the greatest countries in the world should be well and truly desevre to be right up at the top.

  5. it would be france, switzerland and USa

  6. i leave in the US and also fought for it and viet nam in my childhood thinging i was doing the right thing however i feel so sorry for our boys and girls today doing exactly what i did and believed in 40 yrs ago only to realize how wrong and distorted the US has become since world war 2. we are lied to, cheated and our freedoms are being taken away daily by the country i love, i only seek honestly in a country that has my and my brothers best interest in it and not the governments elites best interests. me, it sounds like maybe new zeland

  7. So many Brits complaining about the UK not being on the list. First off, the health is terrible statistically. Secondly, the food is horrid. 3rd, weather is cold at least 1/2 the year. And most of all, the UK has turned into the model of big brother with cameras everywhere. They say every brit is photographed and scanned over a 100 times a day. There are literally millions of cameras all over not just the cities, but the country too. The UK is the model for feudal class war between commoners and the elite. Just like how the US is fast becoming. Both the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US have turned into Orwellian nightmares. A bastardized mix or Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984. No more “innocent until proven guilty”. No more “speedy trials”. In the US and Britain the police have been radicalized by Israel junkets for law enforcement where they don”t “protect and serve” as public servants anymore. They just beat the hell out of you for nothing. This list needs someone with much better knowledge of politics.

  8. I just want to put my comment in if I may. First let me say that I am super duper friendly to EVERYONE regarless of race, gender, religious background, whatever. And I must say living in the United States has been nohing but disappointing. We have to deal with hella dumb asses doing dumd as shit ALL the time. Do you know how many times ive been fucked with and I wasnt even bothering anybody. But I let shit go just to keep a clean record. The judicial system sucks, because if you defend yourself and kill someone, you could still go to prison. Then you have all these low class racist MF’s that wont let go of their jealousy and hatred. I mean if I could burn all them parasitic low lives I would, but im just not evil enough to start doing that. Anyway, my point is, the US is no way shape or of form a good place to live, PERIOD!!! Faaaaaaaaarrr from being paradise, by any standard.

  9. Hi,
    Uk is the best place to live in, if you are a single woman with min of 3 kids Or you are lazy to work. If you have a job then you are f*****d.

  10. Hey ‘ADMIN’

    My vote is AUSTRALIA

    I understand what you mean about Australia being a racist society, I too live here but the only
    racists I see are the immigrants (yes I am one too) but it seems that the immigrants are the ones
    who are always complaining that if they don’t get what they want then the Aussies are called racists.

    How many time do you see store owned by immigrants who will only employ their own race.
    Australians will generally give anyone a fair go.
    How many dodgy illegal immigrants do you see trying to sneak into Australia then when they
    get caught scream that Australian’s are racist.
    Some times I feel embarrassed to say that I am an immigrant in this country because of what
    immigrant’s are doing to it.

    Apart from that it is a beautiful place to be.

  11. Best Country to live in is the country that has all your family and friends , Cause they are the only ones who will care for you no matter what.

  12. Hey Sitamshu, how long have you been in Canada? 3 weeks? Maybe you have not noticed but 80 to 85% of Canadians actually speak english! As far as the cold goes how many people live in Nunavut anyway? maybe 25,000 in a country of 35 million? Even Edmonton is way up north. 90% of Canadians live in the south where the climate is nice and moderate. so if you don’t like the cold or the snow move to a warmer part of the country. and to Kat – I have been to the UK and trust me I don’t ever want to move there.

  13. I may be biased but at least I have visited most of the countries on this list with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.. I can tell you without a doubt that Canada is easily the best country I have ever seen. To be listed at #9 is not only inaccurate it is also totally insulting and ridiculous. I have been to most of the US several times and while I enjoy visiting there, the crime rate in the USA is obscene and as a country it is nowhere near as clean and healthy as Canada. We havemuch lower crime rate, free healthcare beautiful nature and scenery and possibly the strongest economy on the planet. How anyone could list CANADA below US, Germany, Belgium or :Luxembourg (all countries that I have been to) is totally beyond me. Obviously this list is very subjective and quite inaccurate. I like France as it is beautiful and I have relatives there but again I would not trade = our economy is better and we have far more opportunity to succeed here. Who came up with this list anyway? Almost every list I have ever seen rates Canada is one of the top 3 countries on the planet. I suspect the writer has never spent any time here.

  14. Australia? ur fuck’n kidding me! People are RACIST…you don’t feel secured coz you are being surrounded by Lebanese who doesnt know how to respect people and think of themselves as “untouchables”…Indians..who stinks and thinks big about themselves…and aussies who does not want to be classified as part of ASIA knowing that their country lie on the Asian continent!…what about the government, who is run by fuckwits?..houses here are so expensive, that buying a three bedroom house depending on the area would cost you 400 thousand dollars up plus the consistentincrease of interest making mortgage hard to pay!…The best place to live i reckon…is where you came from!

  15. Hey.. I’m proud to be a Canadian. I agree US economy is in the toilet. Nunavut is too cold, but you dont need to stay there. There’s a lot of places in Canada that’s wonderful. Health care is FREE. Gov’t will help you if you want to advance to get your education. If you want a job. You’ll definitely can get a job tomorrow. If you’re too cold. You could always go for that warm beach in the carribean. Life is good:).

  16. I live in Canada. Canada’s good but its not perfect. Canada is too cold. I was shocked when weather news said a town in Nunavut has -46. It’s -10 right now here in Edmonton. I think I should go to Miami this winter. But I am too late. It’s December already. And you should learn French if you are in canada. I live in really boring city. If you know French and used to extreme cold, Canada est fantastique.

  17. My boyfriend and I are currently teaching in China. There are things we enjoy in China, but there are many things we absolutely can’t stand here. I think it’s a beautiful place to visit, but I wouldn’t live here for an extended period of time. Anyway, my point is that we were talking about this one day and my bf said “but then again, there are things I hate about Canada too.” (we are Canadian). I looked at him and said “oh yeah, what?” He thought and thought and thought. He couldn’t think of anything!!! And neither could I! Sure I don’t always agree with the politicians and the decisions they make, but after being in China and observing the politics here, I will never complain about Canadian politics ever again! I don’t think I will ever complain about Canada again period, but you know what? I never complained about it anyway! I think that’s amazing, if you can think about your country and not have anything negative to say about it. And going abroad sometimes only makes you realize how lucky you really are to have been born where you were. I almost feel guilty about it. Why me? Why was I so lucky to have been born in Canada? I could have been born in the poorest country in the world. Anyway, I feel happy and proud that Canada is on this list. I am a little surprised the US is ahead of Canada to be honest. They were hit much harder than we were during the economic crisis, their rate of crime and unemployment is much higher, Canada is not at all crowded or over-populated, and we typically have better access to decent education and health care than Americans. Oh well. I hope to visit many of the countries on this list someday :)

  18. I live in America you people go stay in your dead countrues

  19. If France and Italy were amongst the best places to live, why are they all escaping to Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany ?

  20. how dare you say the us is better than canada, the us should’nt even be on this list.

  21. Australia shouldn’t be on there 1) Its FKIN hot all the time 2) it is a racist country 3) The crime system sucks here, 12 months in jail for the murder of a 6 yr old 3) Pensioners get paid jacksh** 4) The governement are a bunch of wankers (but then again aren’t they all).

  22. If you ask me australia sucks because 1:I’m no detective but Australia is incredibly racist and a constant flow of coverups are coming 2:the climate is bull sh*t it’s so hot and miserable and you have to deal with heating making it more expensive to live in.

  23. I have travelled extensively all over the world for my work over the past 25 years and the only countries that deserve to be in that list is New Zealand and Australia. They are the only 2 that have shown they are capable of being consistantly stable, in all aspects that make a place worthwhile for living in respect to comfort and safety. Alll other countries listed have all shown in the past to be a potential timebomb of shit!!!

  24. Cool! Australia is up here! I love Oz. I went there a couple of months ago. BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!

  25. Batman is a bloody fool
    Interesting how he forgot to mention how much carnage his species has caused in africa , during indigenous wars and watnot
    Right next to where Idi Amin used to live
    Yeah right mate you a Bloody saint , your fucking people have caused nothing but Death and Hardship
    Then you all crawl to Europe to say its Europes fault and blame us for your own shit !
    Sponge off our education and Social systems , Fuck our woman and give them aids
    And run back to your hole when you’ve robbed us silly
    You know what you can do with your peice of shit you call a paradise mate, you can stick it up yer arse !

    Pay for your own education and stop sponging of the red cross and other decent organisations funded by europe , you bastard !
    Go and give your own woman aids ! and stop coming here to steal our woman and claim you born in europe you fucking savage !

  26. sorry I should say I agree with Alex except Japan.

  27. batman must come from MONGOLIA then. Excuse me but I dont like war and prefer peaceful life. Its true and not true that people love their mother countires. In soul we all should love where we were born but in fact we have a choice to say where is better.

    Japan should not included as alot of Japanese suiside. The presure of their job is toooooo much. Female in Japan stand lower than Male. And too much population in such small countried makes people can only live in small apartment. Other than that I agree and I would like add Holand in as I know a Holand lady very very kind. I believe its not just her I met by sudden but there must be a large population behave the same as her.

  28. This list is false…

    France’s economy is in a toilet, you can’t imagine how many economic refugees from France I’ve met in Canada for the past 5 years!
    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan took a heavy toll on US budget and not to mention the economy crash… Even before all of this downfall, I would never consider living in US as a retirement option. Crime level there is astronomical…
    Italy isn’t very rich either, the country’s main income is tourism and it doesn’t have any significant natural resources.

    Proper top 10 list (in no particular order) would include Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Australia and U.K.

    Note that I didn’t include Korea since I heard quite a few trash stories from my Korean friends. Crime, corruption and overpopulation is quite evident there.

  29. Do you people have any idea about Korea & Japan?

  30. To have the United States in there at all is ridiculous. How can this be one of the best countries? They have allowed big corporations to completely rule with an iron fist over all man, and laws. They really only tend to the wealthy. If you are of somewhat low income in the states you struggle jsut to have decent health care for your family, let alone a safe place to live or a school for your children that isnt totally under funded. Im glad they atleast had the brains to not give them a 100 for freedom, because they are not free. Switzerland has a very low cost of living, this is strange since it is an unbelievably beautiful country.

  31. The US sucks, it always makes these lists for some ridiculous reason. We have a corrupt, thieving, war loving, empire building, fascist government. We are way overtaxed and get nothing for it…our police are scumbag criminals who are nothing more than revenue generating thugs. I can’t wait to get out of this collapsing country..

  32. LOL the US got 100 for risk & safety, I guess they don’t take into account the high murder/crime rates or that 1 in 100 Americans are in jail.

  33. HI I think, any country in europe like ,france,switzerland,germany,
    Is the best country to live ,because have culture and the economy is not bad.
    I live here in EEUU I am very bad to live .
    no culture the economy is so bad .
    Even the latin people who living here dosn’t respect the rules and law and no culture.

  34. wheres the UK?

  35. I’m from the u.s born and raised. There is no way in hell that the u.s should be ranked in the top ten. At least not for the past 5 to 10 years. Absolutely ridiculous. For one the government has gained so much control I don’t feel free anymore. What is up with the feds? They may serve tickets but don’t really protect. The majority of the time they are just trying to find ways to make the gov. More money. For instance I was with a friend who shoplifting and I had no idea. Of course security claimed I was an “accomplice” even though I was in a completely different aisle of the store. Yeah…1500$ later and 80 hours of community service later. Stupid. U.s is just a money hungry prideful country. And we will probably become extremely overpopulated like Tokyo. Our population has increased by 1.5 million ppl over the last 30 years. Then those 1.5 million will have babies and the population will have grown about 3 million or more by 2040. Australia and the u.k are smart by having laws where ppl who want to be a citizen in there country have to have a really good degree and helpful skill to benefit their country. Good job guys. Now the hard part is just finishing college here which will take me 5 years and then get the hell out of here and provide a good life for my children in a stable country that is not corrupted by the gov.

  36. No UK on the list, but admit it -everyone wants to live here.
    Beautiful seasons, wild highlands, lots of beaches, music, art ,no poisonous wildlife, clean free water, lakes , forests, good roads, free health care and education, brilliant cities, democratic government, religious tolerance, freedom of speech…………………….Australia might be full Paulus …in UK we can always make room for visitors.

  37. I think this is all about your cravings, desire, wants, If we need less thats the best place we find.I have been to many of those so called best places and I havent seen that happiness and peace in peoples minds.they stressed.Only meterials. I really agree with one Gentlemans idea (Batman) says the best country is where you born and we can find the best place through kindness, generosity, comapssion etc.
    Find the best place through out oneself, not out side of you. it is inside, and see insight.
    People in third world may dream about developed world and people in developed world dreamed about heaven, we never find such places they never excists.
    Enjoy simplecity, demand less, have some peace,relax and have a cup of tea

  38. to have the USA above canada and italy is kinda ridiculus if u ask me

  39. None of you know what you are talking about. The best country is Kenya. Its paradise on earth…. Go there if you dont believe me.

  40. You are all wrong. Do you really know the best country to live in? It’s your fucking country where bloody you were born. You’re connected with your country with your soul and mind. So this means, even France or United States are well-developed countries with good health system, finance or education etc, I love my country because we have the brightest stars at night and the blue-est sky during days. Can you imagine that we can own any land in anywhere in my country that we could build houses on those lands ourselves. Can you imagine that we do not eath shit like burgur, french fries, pepsi or coca cola, but we do drink a green tea we pick from the mountains ourselves. We do not drink artificial beers instead we drink permented mare milk, a 4% natural alcoholic beer. Can you even imagine that we use camel or horses for transportation without using no gas or fuel ( in fact our domestic gas demand is around 900 thousand tons, pretty small hey) meaing we’re saving the world. We are not afraid of hurricanes because we’re landlocked. We are not afraid of earthquakes or tornades because it really does not happen. There is no bomb that is hidden under a seat of subway because there is no such vocabulary as terrorist. We have no fight among citizens because everyone is friendly. We don’t have much money or good infrastructure. Bill Gate’s fortune can run our country for 40 years, but the secret is that we have 100Billions of dollar worth gold and copper beneath our soil where natural grass is grown for 50 million livestock. We have 1.5million square meter land for only 2.7 million people. We do not build vertical apartments like France or Japan. We build our houses horizontally due to unlimited land scale available. Now do you see what I mean, it’s my country that the best of all 200 countries around the world to live in and die underground. What do you do with dead people in France anyway? I hope they burn to hell because no land is available for cemetry. It’s my country that I am pround of. So WHAT COUNTRY DO I LIVE IN, CAN YOU GUESS? It starts with M and ends with A. And once upon a time we conquered half of the planet earth.

  41. somalia is the best country to study law and live .

  42. i have lived in australia for soo long and its the worst. too too much racism going around. australia is the racist

  43. I think this is a bit biased.How come Europe and the US always score high on these sort of surveys.United states is one of the worst Countries to live in!!!

  44. in wich way u can classify algeria ? just answear but honestly plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. As a java software engineer I wish I had been able to live in a country like this with my family…

  46. We would prefer if you didn’t come to Australia to live as we are FULL up!



  48. Well I like Canada . And in the meantime all these other countries are the best too :)

  49. Hello Sir/Madam

    This is Varun Chopra from India. I am Law Graduate from India. I wish to study masters of Law. Can you please tell me which country is the best to study LLM and that where I can get PR easily after studies.

    Best Regards
    Varun Chopra


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